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Why a 25+ meme ?

Being a slightly older kpop and kdrama fan I (and a few others with me) always get a little disappointed by the friending memes.
Lots of 12-17ish year olds.  Nothing wrong with being that age (it's wonderful), but someone 25+ or even 35+ can get a bit
discouraged by it. At least that's how it is for me.
I suspect there might be lots of older fans, like me, who feel like that. If you're 25+ - 35+ you really don't have much in common with a
16 year old.That's a fact. It always keeps me from participating in the memes, thinking what's the use ?I'm thinking there might be more fans out there feeling the same way. So therefore the 25+ cut off. Also since this is a 25+ meme please only participate if you're in fact 25 or older !

Also this meme doesn't have a deadline. No need to comment within the first 5 mins after posting (though you're welcome to do so).
There's time zones and I assume most 25+ y.o. have college,work and families to deal with (that pesky real life !)

Please feel free to come back and check for new comments anytime, or for lazy people (like me :p) track this post for new comments ;)


We'll live it up under the city lights...

Date: 2012-05-14 01:17 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] minka-g.livejournal.com
(Nick)name: Minka
Country: Australia
Kpop (incl. biases): U-Kiss (Eli, Soohyun, AJ), BigBang (Daesung, GD), DBSK/TVXQ/JYJ (Jaejoong, Max, Yunho), Shinee (Key), EXO-K (Suho, D.O., Baekhyun) With the exceptions of the obvious few there, I always seem to go for either the really manly ones, or the outright snarky bitches of the groups.
Kdrama (incl. biases): I’ve only watched Protect the Boss, but I LOVE Korean movies. Especially cop and gangster thrillers; anything with guns and martial arts, a bit of blood and a fly kick here and there floats my boat.
Movies like I Saw the Devil, A Bitter Sweet Life (well, anything with Byung-hun Lee is amazing), Our Town, Private Eye, The Man From Nowhere (that knife fight was AMAZING!), Psychic (or Haunters as it is sometimes called) is one of the best movies ever.
What can we find in your LJ (private/fan stuff etc) / how much do you post: My journal is a mishmash of all sorts of things; private, fan related, random rants, reviews… pretty much anything goes. I don’t post all that much though, however I am always lurking around here. I’ve been into Jrock for years, so that is my main fandom (kpop is all new and shiny) I also love Game of Thrones, Hunger Games and Spartacus. I love Japanese and Korean cinema though I never got into anime or manga. Again, same rules apply; if it’s badass with characters who throw a mean punch, then chances are I’ll love it.
Other interests (can be fandoms or hobbies or anything else): I am obsessed with Japan, so a big part of my journal is made up of that. I’ve been to Japan four times and am going back soon; I love posting and writing travel logs and journals, reviewing concerts and bars and sharing the hilarity of the stupid stuff I get up to.
What kind of friends are you looking for: Well, first of all, above 25 is a great idea. But then people with the same interests or with a crazy outlook on life are always welcome. You don’t need to post or comment all the time but i would love to have chats and rants every now and then. A love of travel would also be amazing.
Pet peeves: Right now, this whole ‘Bacon’ thing for Baekhyun. It bugs me. What is appealing about nicknaming him after a sizzled fatty piece of pig ass?
Twitter/Tumblr/FB/etc: http://www.tumblr.com/blog/minka-g
Anything else: What else can I say? Clearly I love Japan. I am at home in Tokyo and yet my heart belongs in Osaka under the glittery lights of Dotonbori and lost in the shimmering reflections of the canal. I’m much more of a crazy party girl than an otaku or even a fangirl; short dresses, killer heels that smash the pavement, curls and glitter makeup; all the things of the night. I love to travel, to drink and dance and smoke the night away, to meet new people, to talk to strangers and live on the wild side. Yakuza, bosozoku and bartenders are my friends of choice while motorcycle repair shops (where they only serve straight vodka) rock bars and clubs are the most likely places to find me.

I’m a creature of the night, loving to come home after the sun comes up and wake up after the sun goes down. I like city lights reflected against rain dampened pavement, steam rising into the cold air from building vents, the sounds of traffic lights on busy streets and things that go fast and hard. Street food, sake shots, Japanese policemen, gutter parties and loud music keep me sane.



Date: 2012-05-14 06:13 pm (UTC)
ext_52678: (Default)
From: [identity profile] carelessmemory.livejournal.com
(Nick)name: Anneli
Country: Sweden
Kpop (incl. biases): SS501, U-Kiss, Big Bang, DBSK, EXO-K, CNBlue, SHINee, Brian, Infinite, SNSD, Spica, Kara ... I listen to loads. I don't really have biases, I've never been very good with those. I love Kim Kyu Jong though.
Kdrama (incl. biases): I love Kdrama. Some of my faves so far are City Hunter, Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, Secret Garden, The Moon That Embraces the Sun, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and Goong. Currently watching Rooftop Prince, Shut Up Flower Boy Band and Fashion King. There is not enough time!! Actors I like - Lee MinHo, Yoo Ah In, Song Joong Ki, Kim Soo Hyun, No Min Woo ... to name a few.
Also seen some Kmovies but not enough. List of ones to watch is long. I recently watched Penny Pinchers and that one was so funny.
What can we find in your LJ (private/fan stuff etc) / how much do you post: It's mostly private stuff, when I manage to post someting. I would like to get back to posting more but flist isn't interested in the stuff I like these days (the whole Korea thing for one) so I feel like I don't have much to say mostly.
Other interests (can be fandoms or hobbies or anything else): Reading - Most everything. My absolute fave author is Neil Gaiman. I used to read like a book a week at least but the past couple years not so much. Slowly getting back to it. Music - Duran Duran, Adam Lambert, ...um, I actually listen to most anything that sounds good. TV - I have way too many shows I follow. SPN, Criminal Minds, TVD, OUAT.. The list is long. Older shows include Stargate, SGA, Farscape and more.
I love making stuff with my hands. Bead animals, friendship bracelets, Korean lucky stars... I sort of get addicted when I start something and then I do like a million of whatever it is before I can stop.
What kind of friends are you looking for: A few interests in common to start with would be nice ?
Pet peeves: I'm not a native English speaker but if you can't keep apart the your and you're (and the rest of those) in a sentence... :p
Twitter/Tumblr/FB/etc: {Tumblr}. I have FB but not using it really, just to keep up with cousins in Finland mostly. {Twitter}, not so good at tweeting...
Anything else: I'm left handed. And a bit of a spazz. Sometimes. I'm kind of shy (and now I hear my friends laugh madly cos in a group of people I'm comfortable with I'm the one you can hear loudest :p), at least until I get to know you better.

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Date: 2012-05-15 06:22 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] jeniski.livejournal.com
Country:United States
Kpop (incl. biases):SS501,Shinee, Shinhwa, Super Junior, Brown eyed girls, Kara, Snsd,
Kdrama (incl. biases):Boys of Flower, Shut Up Flower Band, Full House, City Hunter, Flower Boy Ramyun Shop
What can we find in your LJ (private/fan stuff etc) / how much do you post: anything from fandom, real life
Other interests (can be fandoms or hobbies or anything else):into jpop taiwanese, hong kong, thai music and dramas
What kind of friends are you looking for:anyone with the same interests i have more on my profile
Pet peeves:there is a lot
Twitter/Tumblr/FB/etc:i have some but you can check it on my profile intro
Anything else:
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Date: 2012-05-15 06:24 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] baka-tenshi.livejournal.com
(Nick)name: Lily
Country: United States
Kpop (incl. biases): SNSD, Super Junior, DBSK/JYJ, Big Bang, Rainbow, Kara, Fly to the Sky, SHINEE (because I care about Onew), and others I don't really remember right now.
Kdrama (incl. biases): n/a
What can we find in your LJ (private/fan stuff etc) / how much do you post: Fan stuff, lots of personal stuff, and just random things.
Other interests (can be fandoms or hobbies or anything else):> JPOP, anime, manga, j&k fashion, technology, politics (liberal), lols, sleep, food, baked goods, social justice (although most of the time, I try not to be annoying about it).
What kind of friends are you looking for: People who are generally chill with most things. I'm cool when people are silly (because I am too). I tend to be emotional so I need friends who are patient with me and willing to tell me it's okay and when I'm being dumb, I need someone to call me out on it.
Pet peeves: Being an offensive douche, ~lol troll~, I don't like it when people nitpick things. I try not to do it myself. I don't like people who are arrogant. I don't like people who put others down. I really don't care if you talk shit about other people but there's a line. Also, I hate rape & molestation jokes.
Twitter/Tumblr/FB/etc: http://twitter.com/rainbow_sauce
Anything else: Hopefully, it's okay that I post on this meme even though I'm 24. I'm going to be 25 this year in late August though. I have a young spirit and I've been through a lot of hell in my past. I'm not as experienced in real life experiences just yet so I admit I often act like a 16-year old from time to time. I tend to talk about people from my offline life and online life. I talk about my boyfriend and my emotions a lot. Whenever I read something political, I rage a lot. I try to be respectful to people even though I've had quite the past. I'm a pretty private person so I tend to keep everything to myself unless I feel I could trust people.

Also, enjoy this gif.


Date: 2012-05-15 06:32 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] djlancerock.livejournal.com
(Nick)name: Maria
Country: US
Kpop (incl. biases): SNSD (Jessica, Sooyoung, Sunny, Taeyeon), Suju (Ryeowook, Sungmin, Kyuhyun), Apink (Eunji, Namjoo), Shinee (Jonghyun, Key)
Kdrama (incl. biases): I don't really do dramas, I lack any sort of attention span required to watch things
What can we find in your LJ (private/fan stuff etc) / how much do you post: LJ is mostly for personal stuff, with a few fandom things here and there. I post a few times a week, usually.
Other interests (can be fandoms or hobbies or anything else): Hello Kitty, Pullip dolls, design, looking at pretty dresses and makeup and stuff, all kinds of food
What kind of friends are you looking for: People with similar interests, people who aren't obsessed with Exo (an interest is ok), people who don't add anyone and everyone and actually wanna spend time getting to know the people they do add.
Pet peeves: gross overshare about the deepest details of your sexual fantasies, timelines that pretty much only consist of Exo tweets, people who say "tbh" or "lbr" every other sentence (but this last one won't make me hate you, only slightly irritated)
Twitter/Tumblr/FB/etc: Twitter: horsesica (https://twitter.com/#!/horsesica), or you can also add me on lj. My tumblr is pretty much dead and fb is too personal.
Anything else:
I tweet a lot, so be ready for that if you add me—although how much I tweet varies with my employment status. Currently I am waiting for my next job to start, so yep.



Date: 2012-05-15 06:46 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] bokchil.livejournal.com
(Nick)name: Stef
Country: part time Korea, part time America
Kpop (incl. biases): Super Junior (Yesung, Eeteuk), TVXQ (Yunho), ss501 (Hyunjoong), U-Kiss (Soohyun, Hoon)
Kdrama (incl. biases): No specific series comes to mind but I really enjoyed Goong and I love Joo Jihoon and Kim Kibum as actors.
What can we find in your LJ (private/fan stuff etc) / how much do you post: Usually general life update stuff, more fandom events/celebrity interactions when I'm actually in Korea and/or end up at kpop events stateside (eg: SM Town). Posts are sporadic as of late because I really don't have too much to say outside of how work is going and how I'm spending my downtime.
Other interests (can be fandoms or hobbies or anything else): I love love love the Mass Effect trilogy and spend quite a bit of time playing through it. I also really like ponies (both MLP: FiM and PonyIsland (http://http://ponyisland.net/) ponies). I knit, enjoy iOS games, gardening, learning languages (currently self studying Mandarin) nail art, BJDs, RP, and eating which is in fact a hobby because I say so.
What kind of friends are you looking for: Similar interests would be nice!
Pet peeves: Condescending people.
Twitter/Tumblr/FB/etc: @omizuoka, it's public but I just ask if you add it that you give me a heads up as to who you are!
Anything else: I've not updated my LJ profile/interests in forever because Lazy (note to self...) but yes that picture is me (I get asked sometimes). I also have two actor brothers who do very weird and crazy things often so sometimes I post about that.

Date: 2012-05-15 07:45 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] g-aria.livejournal.com
(Nick)name: Vanessa
Country: USA/Korea
Kpop (incl. biases): Super Junior (Leeteuk, Zhou Mi), The TRAX (Jay), H.O.T (Moon Heejun), U-Kiss, Dalmatian, NELL, Dear Cloud, I stan musical actors.
Kdrama: I've never been too much of a drama fan, really. I'll give one a try if someone I really like is in it, but I usually lose interest quickly :/
What can we find in your LJ (private/fan stuff etc) / how much do you post: I totally need to revamp and brush the dust off my LJ, but I post a lot of pictures from K-pop events, concerts, fan accounts, stupid misadventures I've gotten into because of my friends bands.
Other interests:> J-Rock fan of 13+ years, musicals, nail art, cooking/baking, photography, costuming, um.. stuff and things.
What kind of friends are you looking for: Anyone, really! Similar interests is always a plus.
Pet peeves: hoo boy.
Twitter/Tumblr/FB/etc: @g_aria (on tumblr too but I haven't gotten around to using it much yet ;; fb is personal )
Anything else:

Image (http://tinypic.com?ref=fyfka1)

Date: 2012-05-15 07:46 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] doughfied.livejournal.com
(Nick)name: Ella/ Elle
Kpop (incl. biases): Super Junior (Heechul), Infinite (Sungyeol), EXO (D.O.), SHINee (Onew)
Kdrama (incl. biases):Love Rain, Witch Yoo Hee, Coffee Prince, Protect the Boss, and Rooftop Prince
What can we find in your LJ (private/fan stuff etc) / how much do you post: well, my livejournal is new. It's public and I post icons and wallpapers, some personal stuff too.
Other interests (can be fandoms or hobbies or anything else):> I like drawing, sketching, and graphic design. I read mangas too
What kind of friends are you looking for: anyone who's interested in KPOP and Fashion :3
Pet peeves: I don't like too much of sexual jokes. I also hate people who say they are right all the time. People who don't give balance attention to other stuff they need to do.
Twitter/Tumblr/FB/etc: x-dough(tumblr)
Anything else: I'm awkward when it comes to meeting new people. So forgive me if I'm shy
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Date: 2012-05-15 09:25 am (UTC)
fangirlism: (Adorbz - Big Bang)
From: [personal profile] fangirlism
(Nick)name: Erika
Country: USA
Kpop (incl. biases): Big Bang (G-Dragon), 2NE1 (CL, Bom), Shinee (no bias). Also would like to give Shinwha a shot.
Kdrama (incl. biases): Coffee Prince, plan to watch Secret Garden, You're Beautiful and maybe Iris. Also, Haunters (which is a movie, I know, but still.)
What can we find in your LJ (private/fan stuff etc) / how much do you post: My LJ is a mishmash of everything. I don't post as often as I should (I love lurking, lol.)
Other interests (can be fandoms or hobbies or anything else): I love photography, writing, cross stitching and fractal art. Other fandoms? Oh my. So many. My top fandom is the Backstreet Boys, always has been. I also love the Pussycat Dolls, w-inds., BeForU, Reaper, The Listener, Entourage, The Social Network, Scott Pilgrim, Ben 10, Kisrazu Cat's Eye, Sunao ni Narenakute (at least up until it starts going downhill, lol), Parade, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Paradise Kiss, Kaleido Star, and Di Gi Charat. Also plan to watch Titan A.E., Summer Wars, Wonderful Days and Bastof Syndrome (and if anyone has any recs for other Korean cartoon series, I'd love them!)
What kind of friends are you looking for: Someone I share interests with. Someone who's okay with the fact that I lurk a lot, and am horrible at commenting, but I do read.
Pet peeves: Grammar fails. I'm a very much "grammar police"-y. I hate two/too/to, their/there/they're and you're/your mixups so much.
Twitter/Tumblr/FB/etc: *takes deep breath* Okay, here we go: Twitter, Tumblr, Plurk, YouTube, Flickr, Instagram, Tout and Socialcam.
Anything else:

Also, because he has SWAG:
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Date: 2012-05-15 09:57 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] lovewls.livejournal.com
Kpop (incl. biases): Listening mostly OST, some Kpop. I love SS501 (Who am I biased to you can see straight away from my LJ heee), Kim Dong Ryul (anyone here knows him? kekeke.. amazing voice), Classiquai, Shinhwa, Kim Jung Hoon.
Kdrama (incl. biases): I watched kdrama a lot and if I'm hooked I will even watched live, download and watch with no subs, then rewatch with subs Lols. My faves: rooftop prince, the moon that embraces the sun, city hunter, secret garden, fantasy couple. all time fave drama: Sassy girl chun hyang. Biases? Kang Ji Hwan, Jung Woo Sung, Lee Min Ho, Hyun Bin, to name a few.
What can we find in your LJ (private/fan stuff etc) / how much do you post: Mostly graphics, no personal entries. I was in hiatus for a long time. Planning to be active again. I miss LJ communities!
Other interests (can be fandoms or hobbies or anything else):> Music, arts and craft, digital scrapbooking and photoshop
What kind of friends are you looking for: People with similar interests.
Pet peeves: Person who complains all the time.
Anything else: I don't talk/write much.

Date: 2012-05-15 01:53 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] saanrio.livejournal.com
(Nick)name: Rachel
Country: USA
Kpop (incl. biases): SHINHWA (Eric, HyeSung), Super Junior (HeeChul, YeSung, KiBum), SHINee, Infinite (SungGyu, SungYeol, SungJong), SS501, TVXQ (as five), JYJ, 2PM (TaecYeon), 2AM, UKiss (Kevin, KiSeop), Alexander, Lee HyoRi, Rain, BAP, F.Cuz, Big Bang (TOP, kinda GD), B1A4, CNBlue, FTIsland, MBLAQ, TEEN TOP, Brown Eyed Girls, Sunny Hill, Brian Joo
Kdrama (incl. biases): First allow me to list some of my favorite KDramas: Boys Over Flowers, Playful Kiss, Last Scandal, A Man Called God, Dream High, Temptation of an Angel, Creating Destiny, Shining Inheritance... (seen a lot more, but that is a start.. lol)
What I'm watching now: Hong Gil Dong, Que Sera Sera, Me Too Flower!, Strongest Chil Woo.
Biases: Lee Min Ho, Kim Bum, Song Il Gook, Yoon Si Yoon, Jang Geun Suk, Bae Soo Bin...
What can we find in your LJ (private/fan stuff etc) / how much do you post: My LJ's don't have much, anymore, since I am making a transition to DW. However, mostly personal stuff goes on my personal journal (http://saanrio.dreamwidth.org/), so it is normally locked... My fic goes on my writing journal (http://7twistedshadows.dreamwidth.org/), and (most) fangirling has been relocated to tumblr, where you will find anything from KPop to fashion to my inner, hidden goth.
Other interests (can be fandoms or hobbies or anything else):> CPop (mostly SJM, Han Geng, Wang Lee Hom, Show Luo and Elva Hsaio, though EXO-M has grabbed me in ways that EXO-K may never be able to), fashion, things of a gothic nature, abandoned buildings/ghost towns, writing, reading, knitting, JPop (Mainly Arashi and NEWS), JRock (GazettE, An Cafe, Alice Nine, Miyavi, Nightmare, D'espairs Ray, Kagrra,) math, computers and just about anything else that captures my attention...
What kind of friends are you looking for: People who can discuss KPop or other things we have mutual interest in. I have my biases, and I love them to death, but I recently pissed off a whole lot of teenaged Shawols when I said I thought Sherlock was not the comeback that they deserved. So, yeah, if I don't think something is good, I will say so, and I appreciate people who can get past their bias enough to discuss something. Just because you love something doesn't mean you don't or can't see room for improvement, and that is not a bad thing, right?
Pet peeves: Oh, so many.. mainly, when it comes to online, they are people who refuse to listen to any opinion but their own and people who need everything sugar coated for them. I am a very very blunt person. I usually try to be nice about things, but sometimes, I fail. It bothers me when people get butthurt because I said what I thought when they asked for my opinion, instead of spending twenty minutes trying to think of a way to say it that wouldn't offend anyone.
Twitter/Tumblr/FB/etc: twitter: @Rachel_0506, tumblr: http://saanriotwisted.tumblr.com/
Anything else: Not really... sorry, no gifs from me today.

This is a great idea. Thank you!

Date: 2012-05-15 02:20 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] andersenmom.livejournal.com
(Nick)name: Jill
Country: USA
Kpop (incl. biases): 2NE1 (Minji), B.A.P. (YoungJae), Boyfriend (DongHyun), CNBlue (JungShin), Coed School (TaeWoon, Chanmi), Infinite (SungJong, DongWoo), MBLAQ (ChunDoong), miss A (Fei), MYNAME (ChaeJin), SS501 (KyuJong, HyunJoong), SuJu (Yesung, Sungmin, EunHyuk), U-Kiss (Eli, Hoon) - I'll include EXO-K only because D.O. totally wowed me with that voice of his....
Kdrama (incl. biases): 4th Period Murder Mystery, Boys Over Flowers. I've started a few others, but I don't have the time to sit in front of a computer and watch them.
What can we find in your LJ (private/fan stuff etc) / how much do you post: Some private, most of it is about my writing - progress checks, etc., and posts of fanfiction I'm working on (or finished with), with occasional fangirling about things that interest me. My family - three kids and an amazing husband. Goals, lots of those! I post semi-regularly - two to three times a week, sometimes more, depending on how busy my family is and if I have anything I want to share.
Other interests (can be fandoms or hobbies or anything else): Very fond of Arashi (LOVE Maou (Jdrama)), horses, music of all sorts... um, crocheting.... (trying to remember what's on my LJ). Old fandoms include Prince of Tennis and Power Rangers (and LOTS of others).
What kind of friends are you looking for: People to talk to, hold conversations with.
Pet peeves: I'm sure I have them, but they might all have to do with writing... OH. The inability to write a complete sentence without resorting to text-speak or whatever it is. That drives me crazy.
Twitter/Tumblr/FB/etc: Tumblr - I'm not on FB much any more since I got a tumblr. It's much more varied than my lj is. I'm still working on that. Oh, and there's the writing one, too, if you're interested in that: writing tumbler
Anything else: I'm a bit off, but which of us aren't? I love music, I love the feelings I get when I write, and I love to share that with people. And, to be honest, my whole purpose for having a bias is to have someone fun to write about.

Date: 2012-05-15 02:36 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] butterfly8772.livejournal.com
(Nick)name: Ilona
Country: Netherlands (Holland)
Kpop (incl. biases):
SS501 [I like all members, but I love Hyung Jun to death],
U-Kiss - incl Kibum and Xander [Soohyun, Eli, Kibum]
Infinite [still getting to know the members, I'm watching Sesame Player to get to know them, based on that my faves right now are Hoya, Sungyeol and Woohyun but it could still change]

SHINee, TVQX, MBLAQ, Super Junior [not too familair with the members, but I love KyuHyun's voice and for some reason I seem to be following Siwon on twitter ... ] CN Blue, Big Bang, Exo-K, DBSK
These are all bands that are on my playlist of which I don't know the members (or not well). Love to know more about them though.

More on playlist (it's a mile long so I'm not gonna list everything)
TARA,B.A.P, Trax, F.T Island, Hwanhee, Jung Jae Wook, 2AM, 2PM, Boyfriend, 4Men ,Kim Yun Ah, K. WILL, Bubble Siters, Spica, Secret, Se&en, WheeSung. Shinwha,Park Hyo Shin, Brian lots of OSTs and lots of others.

Kdrama (incl. biases): I started watching them not too long ago and now I'm addicted >.<
Some of my faves: City Hunter, Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, Secret Garden, The Moon That Embraces the Sun, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, BRAIN (OMG. Seriously, why has no one watched this ?!!)

I'm currently watching: Rooftop Prince, FashionKing, Shut Up Flower Boy band and Return of Iljimae.

I have a looooooong looooooooooong list of what I still want to watch (I need a century off to watch all that >.<)

Lee Min Ho (both of them :p) , Yoo Ah In, Song Joong Ki, Kim Soo Hyun,Jung Il Woo, Shin Ha Kyun, Kim Bum, Kwon Se In - and probably a few more that I'm forgetting right now.

What can we find in your LJ (private/fan stuff etc) / how much do you post: it's a bit of a mishmash of private and fandom and randomish stuff. Though at the moment it's mostly private.
Same problem as [livejournal.com profile] carelessmemory stated before me: my current Flist (minus one or two or three) isn't into the whole Korea thing. I'd post lots more fandom stuff if I knew there were actually Flisters liking it too.
Right now I'm trying to post once or twice a week (but there's times I won't make that), would be more with some more kpop/kdrama friends on Flist.

Other interests (can be fandoms or hobbies or anything else):
I watch a million tv shows (and then I wonder why I never have time for anything). They're all in my userinfo but a few of my faves are: Borgias, Game of Thrones, White Collar, Once upon a time, TVD, Supernatural and Merlin (BBC).
Also LOTR and Narnia. Old fandoms: Stargate SG1 and Atlantis
I'm trying to learn Korean (I'm probably the slowest learner ever). I like talking walks, reading and history. Gosh. I'm boring.
Oh and I like making icons !

What kind of friends are you looking for: I'm not too picky but a few shared interests would be nice. Preferably someone who doesn't just post personal stuff, I'd like to squee a little every once in a while.
NOT someone who only posts memes >.<
Open minded and respectful of someone else's opinion would be nice too (disagreeing is more than ok, thinking you're always the one who's right .. no).

Pet peeves: I'm picky with subs. If WithS2 subs anything I won't watch it with any other subs. So sometimes that means I'm behind on watching stuff. (not sure that is a peeve ? LOL. I guess my peeve is crappy subs with lots of spelling mistakes and such ?)

Also I really don't like when people call Hyung Jun BABY >.< I know it's his nickname, but he's outgrown it now and he's also stated numerous times he doesn't like that nickname anymore.

Twitter/Tumblr/FB/etc: Twitter: omgwtfbbqloon (locked) & butterfly8772 (public, used for stalking celebs, don't post many tweets there since I only have 2,5 followers or so :p) TUMBLR. My FB is private-ish. I won't add anyone there that I don't know at least a little better.

Anything else:
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Date: 2012-05-15 06:28 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] yaminokaitou.livejournal.com
(Nick)name: Aya

Country: Currently living in Korea, but I'm going to be moving back to the USA in a few weeks.

Kpop (incl. biases): 2PM, B2ST, MBLAQ

Kdrama (incl. biases): Secret Garden, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho are my favorites and Rooftop Prince is my current obsession. Micky is adorable.

What can we find in your LJ (private/fan stuff etc) / how much do you post: fan stuff or rants about my life. I post about once a week.

Other interests (can be fandoms or hobbies or anything else): anime, videogames, japanese dramas, taiwanese dramas, reading, languages (Japanese and Korean)

What kind of friends are you looking for: people who post frequently

Pet peeves: swearing too much can get on my nerves XD

Twitter/Tumblr/FB/etc: aya_feder is my twitter, though I mostly just use it to upload pictures. Don't have a tumblr and my FB is private. ^^

Anything else:

I have no idea why this is my favorite B2ST video that I took, but there you go!
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Date: 2012-05-16 12:53 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] kohoho.livejournal.com
(Nick)name: Koho / Julia
Country: Germany
Kpop (incl. biases): Shinhwa (Hyesung ♥), U-Kiss (Soohyun, Kiseop, AJ), DBSK (Junsu), SS501 (Jungmin), B2ST (Dongwoon), Super Junior (Eunhyuk), miss A (Suzy) and some more I randomly listen to sometimes XD
Kdrama (incl. biases): Pasta, Dream High 1+2, Heartstrings - I so need to watch some more, but I can't decide which one x,.x XD
What can we find in your LJ (private/fan stuff etc) / how much do you post: you'll find random daily entrys of my life, I don't spazz much about my biased (because I think I can't spazz, but well XDD), sometimes memes or fanfictions (but I'm not posting this lately XD). at the moment I'm not updating so much, but I always try to write more (maybe when we finally moved out XD)
Other interests (can be fandoms or hobbies or anything else): Harry Potter, Pokemon, books ♥, knitting <3
What kind of friends are you looking for: peoples who have the same interests like me, who comment often enough. and with who I can write more because I'm so without friends at the moment XD
Pet peeves: some
Twitter/Tumblr/FB/etc: I have Twitter, Tumblr and FB, just ask XD or look for my contact post XD
Anything else:

Date: 2012-05-16 01:34 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] withcoffee.livejournal.com
(Nick)name: Kara
Country: USA
Kpop (incl. biases): a whole bunch of old school - Sechskies, H.O.T (Heejun), Shinhwa (Jin, though tbh I probably talk about Hyesung more), TRAX, all the old SM groups; Super Junior (Yesung, Kangin, Heechul), Yunho (lol not even "TVXQ" :X), Beast; Korean rock groups like Yoon Band, NeLL, izi (omg LOVE izi), cherry filter, rumble fish...; I'm familiar with (and like) everyone who debuted up until 2007/2008
Kdrama (incl. biases): N/A... oh oh but I do love Jang Geunsuk! and UHMFORCE!
What can we find in your LJ (private/fan stuff etc) / how much do you post: honestly I mostly use my LJ these days for subbing and sharing things in a Jpop fandom, and I've never been great at consistently commenting on friends' LJ entries. I'd actually rather friend people on Twitter, since that's what I'm on the most often!
Other interests (can be fandoms or hobbies or anything else): Johnnys, especially Kisumai :x; literature! I'm always up for talk about reading or writing (anything from fanfics and trashy romance novels to Shakespeare XD)
What kind of friends are you looking for: I've been a fan of Kpop since ~2001, and what with Shinhwa comeback and most of the idols that I used to like having come back from the army now, I'd really love to have somebody to spazz over some ahjusshi idols with me XD! I'm open to new groups and stuff too, if you want to introduce them to me, but tbh I've been into Kpop so long I look at the new kids these days with kind of a jaded eye lol. :x
Pet peeves: "oppa is always right" attitude, and people who have no respect for Kpop history. also, tbqh, JYJ, but I'm trying to overcome that...
Twitter/Tumblr/FB/etc: @kangyera on Twitter
Anything else: If it wasn't already clear from what I've said above, I'm mostly active in a Jpop (Kisumai) fandom and I do talk about them a lot. I understand that can be annoying for people who aren't into them, so no hard feelings if no one cares for Kisumai flail ^^. I really am looking for more Kpop fans to befriend though, because not having anyone to talk about Kpop with is making me more distant and I don't want that!
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Date: 2012-05-16 03:07 am (UTC)
blue_ant: (ji sung)
From: [personal profile] blue_ant
(Nick)name: Sarah
Country: USA
Kpop (incl. biases): CNBlue (Jungshin), ss501 (Youngsaeng), Super Junior (Sungmin), Brian Joo, JYJ (Junsu ... I guess?). But, to be honest, I only like CNBlue's actual music (as a group). I love Youngsaeng's solo stuff and Junu's.
Kdrama (incl. biases): Vampire Prosecutor is my absolute favorite, probably followed by Shut Up Flower Boy Band (Kim Min Suk, all the way) and then Joseon X-Files/Secret Investigation Record. I've also loved City Hunter, A Man's Story/Story of a Man (I will never be able to watch Park Ki Woong in anything else because, to me, he is Kyung Tae and I have trouble seeing him as anyone else), Crime Squad (I need more Kim Joon in my life) and Prosecutor Princess. I liked PtB, but mostly I love Ji Sung. I love watching dramas and am currently watching Rooftop Prince, IRIS (well, maybe, I don't know if I'm going to finish it), Hero (2012), Return of Iljimae and Kim Soo Ro (did I mention I like Ji Sung?).
What can we find in your LJ (private/fan stuff etc) / how much do you post: I post random stuff on LJ, but everything's locked. Once you friend me, you'll be able to find me on tumblr/twitter/etc (I keep those usernames separate from my LJ one). I post about work, personal life and fandom(s).
Other interests (can be fandoms or hobbies or anything else): I'm really into Chinese (really, Taiwanese) pop music right. But my favorite is actually JJ Lin (though I adore Alien Huang and Show Luo). I'm a big fanfic reader (mostly Avengers at the moment, Steve/Tony all the way). I dabble in other fandoms, but haven't written anything in ages.
What kind of friends are you looking for: People who are fun to talk to and are interested in some of the same stuff as me. I also LOVE the idea of 25+, because the majority of kpop fans I cross paths with are wee little things and sometimes it sucks feeling old (at 34, omg).
Pet peeves: sexism/racism/ignorance and also, people who make me look at pictures of Yunho because, no thank you D:
Twitter/Tumblr/FB/etc: see above
Anything else: I'm a librarian. Um. I actually like more people in Super Junior than I listed above (as in Eunhyuk and Yesung, also Henry, and Kangin, but I'm wobbly on him right now). I watched GI Joe: Rise of the Cobra for Lee Byung Hun. I've seen all the Twilight movies, despite not liking them OR the books ... I read a lot. I'm a huge nerd and I share a lot of my kdrama/kpop obsessions with an RL friend -- though I'm always -- ALWAYS -- looking for more people to talk to (mostly because aside from my RL friend, most people I'm friends with totally don't care about kpop/kdramas/etc). Oh, and I like reading about cultures surrounding the fandoms I'm obsessed with, so I'm reading a lot about China/Korea/Taiwan. Also, ask me about books and you'll never get me to shut up. :D And, lastly, my guilty pleasure/secret shame is that I've got a thing for TOP without actually liking Big Bang. At all.
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Date: 2012-05-16 12:15 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] doobob.livejournal.com
(Nick)name: real name is Sarah but most ppl on lj call me Fishie^^
Country: Germany
Kpop (incl. biases): Shinhwa (Eric <3, Andy, Junjin), SS501 (Youngsaeng & Kyujong), U-Kiss (Hoon, Alexander, AJ), B2ST (Yoseob, Doojun), H.O.T (Kangta, Heejun), TVXQ (Yoochun, Junsu, Changmin), Super Junior (Donghae, Yesung), NU'EST (JR), BTOB (Hyunsik, Minhyuk), miss A (Jia), I feel like I forgot someone...but I don't know XD;
Kdrama (incl. biases): I have not much time to watch drama and I watch more J-drama to be honest, but there are a few ^^
Que Sera Sera, Super Rookie, Boys over Flowers, Full House, Let's go to the beach, Spy Myungwool (well..mostly Eric's dramas XD;), Personal Taste
What can we find in your LJ (private/fan stuff etc) / how much do you post: I used to post a lot but at the moment my journal is really quite. I work many nightshifts and because of that I have not much time to write entries x,x I try to be better but since we are moving at the moment it's really hard. But I check my friendspage everyday and try to comment !
When I post I post about everything...personal stuff, fangirling, sometimes pictures^^
Other interests (can be fandoms or hobbies or anything else):> I love to cook and bake ! I can't wait until we moved out and I have finally my very very own kitchen and can cook and bake what and as much as I want XD I love to crochet (amigurumi most of the time), I love books but because of work I also have not much time to read x,x I love to photograph (but I'm not good), I'm a gamer girl (but no Diablo 3 for me atm TT) I love to paint and draw, playing around with photoshop (but I suck)...being creative in general^^
What kind of friends are you looking for: Basically everyone, but same interests would be nice of course x3 I love weird people, because I am very weird XD; I also love to be childish and talk about childish stuff with my friends^^
Pet peeves: there are a few things...but since this is a meme for growen ups I don't think that I need to list them here ;)
twitter: Yoochun_Micky
tumblr: fishie-aah
Anything else: first of all, english is not my first language, I'm far away from being a pro in english, so my english might sound wrong or weird sometimes..but so far most of the people understood me when I was talking to them
I'm open for everything new and I love meeting new friends, so add me away ! =D

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Date: 2012-05-16 02:04 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] suzie2qute.livejournal.com
Kpop (incl. biases):BigBang (GD and TOP), Super Junior (Leeteuk and Sungmin), JYJ (Jaejoong), Shinhwa (Min Woo), 2pm (Junho and Wooyoung), 2am (Changmin), SS501 (Kim Hyun Joong), SHINee (Jonghyun), 2en1, and a few other female groups
Kdrama (incl. biases):Boys Over Flowers (Kimbum), Sung Kyun Kwan Scandal (Song Joong Ki), Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi (Bae Yong Joon), Iris (TOP)... Can't remember them all. I've liked so many. Still so many more to see.
What can we find in your LJ (private/fan stuff etc) / how much do you post: Don't post very often, but when I do it's in bunches. Meaning I can go weeks without posting, but suddenly I'll post often in a few weeks, and then I'm quiet again. I reply to friends a lot though. After I move I should have more time to post. It's just personal stuff. About family, some things about upcoming albums I'm excited about or movies or actors I like. Normal stuff.
Other interests (can be fandoms or hobbies or anything else):>Anime, reading, writing, cooking, cake decorating, video games
What kind of friends are you looking for: People who like the same music and movies and stuff that I do so we can squee together over the hotness of the members/actors. People who don't only like boy/boy love fics. Someone I can laugh with and joke around with. Someone who perhaps we can send each other copies of stuff or just a nice card in the mail because sometimes it's nice to get more than just bills in the mail.
Pet peeves: Liars, people who brag to seem more important, people with no tolerance for the music or groups I like or tell me to grow up and act my age.
Twitter/Tumblr/FB/etc:FB (https://www.facebook.com/SujiChan?ref=tn_tnmn)
Anything else: I'm pretty much an open book. Just ask me. I have nothing to hide, but I don't just go and tell everyone everything right off the bat. :) A woman needs to have some secrets... until she trusts you and tells you a few.

Date: 2012-05-16 09:47 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] renichifreak.livejournal.com
Kpop (incl. biases):SS501(YoungSaeng), Infinite(DongWoo), Beast(JunHyung), UKISS(KiBum and SooHyun), CNBlue(MinHyuk), BAP(YongGuk and DaeHyun) and plenty more
Kdrama (incl. biases):Shut Up Flower Boy Band, Playful Kiss, BoF, and I'm one of the few people who enjoyed Heading to the Ground...as you can see, I haven't watched a lot, but I tend to prefer JDramas
What can we find in your LJ (private/fan stuff etc) / how much do you post: fanfiction, video pimping, and spazzposts mainly...
Other interests (can be fandoms or hobbies or anything else):>jpop/rock(Arashi, KAT-TUN, Koda Kumi, L'Arc~en~Ciel, Miyavi, Dir en grey, VAMPS) and some cpop(Top Combine), jdramas(Maou, Bloody Monday, Liar Game, Yukan Club, Jiu, Kurosagi, Kenichi Matsuyama, Ikuta Toma are two fave actors), writing, anime
What kind of friends are you looking for:people who don;t mind the fact that despite my age, I act more like a kid and who can deal with me when I start spazzing about things.
Pet peeves:people who humor me, closed mindedness
Twitter/Tumblr/FB/etc:Twitter=@ladybirdcarina/ladybirdcarina on Tumblr as well
Anything else:

precious Infinite OTP is precious~~
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Date: 2012-05-17 01:42 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] dazzlingdespair.livejournal.com


Kpop (incl. biases):Brace yourselves: Shinhwa (Minwoo), H.O.T. (Moon Hee Jun), FlyToTheSky (Brian), Epik High, Lee Jung Hyun, Lee Seung Gi, MBLAQ (Seungho, G.O.), B2ST (Yoseob), INFINITE (all of them? haha Woohyun, Dongwoo, Sungyeol, Sunggyu), SISTAR (Hyorin, Bora), Secret (Hyosung, Zinger), 4Minute (Jiyoon), 2NE1 (Dara, Minzy), B1A4 (Sandeul, Baro), Boyfriend, Sunny Hill, U-KISS (Soohyun, Hoon, Dongho), BIG BANG (GD, Daesung), 1Tym (Baek Kyung)
Okay, this is taking forever and I keep forgetting what I've already typed. XD I know I won't be able to remember to list everyone but real quick: BoA, Dalmatian, NU'EST, SPICA, Teen Top, Loveholic, Bye Bye Sea, 2AM, 2PM, miss A, Cherry Filter, Block B (Zico, U-KWON), and probably more that I'm forgetting.

Kdrama (incl. biases):Forgive me if I don't include biases: Boys Over Flowers, Playful Kiss, You're Beautiful, Personal Taste, What's Up?, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, Greatest Love. I only started watching KDramas in the last year so there are a lot still on my list to watch.

What can we find in your LJ (private/fan stuff etc) / how much do you post: I usually post pretty often and I like to think it's a good mix of fangirling, rambling, pictures of my cats, and how my day/week was. Sometimes I make icons (I need to make more @_@) and I'm trying to write more fanfic (I've only written 2 KPop fics so far).

Other interests (can be fandoms or hobbies or anything else):>Hello Kitty, zombies, Neopets, World of Warcraft, stand-up comedy, X-Men, The Sims 2, occasionally I talk about JRock or JPop even though I don't follow them like I used to. Same with anime. I really love horror movies and watch more t.v. than I should >>; hrm... I dunno. I have a lot of interests.

What kind of friends are you looking for:Pretty much anyone who likes the same groups I do, posts on a more or less regular basis and comments. I'm really looking for friends I can talk to. Someone who doesn't flip their shit over SHINee or Super Junior or EXO or KARA or SNSD or DBSK/JYJ would be nice. Liking them is fine; I'm aware it's damn near impossible to find someone who doesn't like any of those groups, but as long as you aren't crazy about it then we'll be fine. I don't go out of my way to say anything about any of those groups but I want to be able to crack a joke without someone jumping down my throat.

Pet peeves:People who jump down my throat for cracking a joke about a group I don't like. *lol* Liars. People who don't take other people's feelings into consideration before they open their mouths. People who are selfish. I honestly could go on for days. If you get to know me you'll learn pretty quickly what my pet peeves are.

Twitter/Tumblr/FB/etc:I don't use Twitter so much these days but I'm ChoomChoomPsy on there.
I took a break from Tumblr, too, but I'm probably going to become more active again over the summer. I'm hotpinkpanic over there.
My FB is here. I post there pretty frequently.
I also have AIM and MSN for anyone interested.

Anything else:I'm very random and very honest. I'm not shy about my feelings or opinions, but I do try not to hurt anyone's feelings or upset them. I talk a lot and use a lot of detail so sometimes my posts tend to go on. I hope I didn't scare anyone off because I think I'm actually pretty nice and I'd really enjoy making some new friends.

Date: 2012-05-17 12:30 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] rectherapyfreak.livejournal.com
Kpop (incl. biases):Only really starting to kind of listen to Kpop. I really need to buy Big Bang's new cd! I love a lot of kpop stars who I have seen in dramas though! Mun Eric being my favorite!
Kdrama (incl. biases):So many...Currently watching Love Rain, Rooftop Prince, and King 2 Hearts. Looking forward to Dr Jin, Faith, and Big!!! A bunch of my favorites: Sungkyunkwan Scandal, City Hunter, Goong, My Girl, Couple or Trouble, Shut Up Flower Boy band, Secret Garden, You're Beautiful, Mary Stayed out all night, Full House, Strongest Chil Woo, and I love like 30 or so more...I love Eric, Lee Min Ho, Hyun Bin, Jang Geun Suk, YEH, Kim tae Hee, Song Seung Hun, Ha Ji Won, Oh Ji Ho, Kim Gab Soo, Rain, Park Min Young, Moon Geun Young...and a whole bunch more...
What can we find in your LJ (private/fan stuff etc) / how much do you post: I usually post every week every other week. Lately I have not because I am watching too many dramas!! I also just watched the Princess' Man which stole all my free time!
Other interests (can be fandoms or hobbies or anything else):>kdramas, soims, reading, working out (which is kind of on hold right now), zombies, Game of Thrones, Walking Dead.
What kind of friends are you looking for:anyone who wants to hear about my life lol.
Pet peeves: If you leave your lights on all the time we can't be friends!!! j/k. That really is my biggest pet peeve though lol.
Anything else:I am a mother of 2 and have a 3rd on the way. I talk about my kids sometimes but usually lj is my place to discuss me and my interests!

Date: 2012-05-17 03:30 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] firthgal.livejournal.com
Country: USA
Kpop (incl. biases): I'm not huge into k-pop, but the bands that seem to draw me in are Brown Eyed Girls, 2NE1, Big Bang, MBLAQ, BAP, IU, and I seem to have a soft spot for Kim Hyun Joong.
Kdrama (incl. biases): Trendy rom-coms are my thing. The cheesiest of the cheesy are the best ones (Goong is probably my all time favorite straight up rom-com). I also tend to like ensemble dramas with quirky leads a whole lot, such as Beethoven Virus or I Am Sam or Dream High. And IRIS was one of the greatest k-dramas ever made. I try to follow just about everything as it airs, though I tend to drop everything except for the trendies (the only one from the current batch that I am still following is Rooftop Prince). My biases are Kim Seung Woo, Kim Myung Min, Oh Man Suk, Lee Min Ho, Jung Il Woo, Yoon Eun Hye, Kim Sun Ah, Kim Hyun Joong (I seriously don't know what draws me in about this boy. My love for him is still a mystery)
What can we find in your LJ (private/fan stuff etc) / how much do you post: Mostly fan stuff, a little bit of private stuff. I don't post as often as I used to, but that's mostly because I only want to talk about Asian dramas, and my f-list is pretty sick of that.
Other interests (can be fandoms or hobbies or anything else): I am currently on a Taiwanese drama kick thanks to the awesomeness of Office Girls. I am also into Community, The Office, 30 Rock, Parks and Rec, Merlin, Game of Thrones, True Blood, Buffy, New Girl, Legend of Korra
What kind of friends are you looking for: I definitely need more friends that are into k-dramas. But basically anyone that wants to be friends with me. I'm easy.
Pet peeves:
Twitter/Tumblr/FB/etc: I have enough trouble keeping up with LJ.
Anything else: I work in retail, so there are quite a few posts where I am raging about idiots. But, you know, other than that I'm pretty mellow. I go through cycles of crushing on celebrities. My crush will be super intense for about two months and I'll post about nothing but them, and then I move on to something else. Basically, my obsessions are brief but intense. I think that's why k-dramas work so well for me.

Date: 2012-05-19 09:03 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] cc9095.livejournal.com
(Nick)name: Ri
Country: Russia/Vietnam
Kpop (incl. biases): Mr. XiaTod, Mr, Chunnie-face, Mr. FunnyBunny, Mr. Voldermin and your one and only Mr. Cha Mu Won (DBSK, JYJ), gentlemenSiwon, fashionLadyZhouMi (Super Junior). Last but not least - Mr. Juno aka Smile-and-Muscles-Man and Mr. Yoohwan aka Sunshine-Man.
Kdrama (incl. biases): Soo Ae, Tang Wei (I know that she's a Chinese actress but I really liked her in Late Autumn), Cha Seung won, Kim Seung-woo, Park Yoohwan. I love my Korean dramas to be funny and witty, less romance, more action with interesting, wicked, evil character that you love to hate but don't want to strangle with your hands.
What can we find in your LJ (private/fan stuff etc) / how much do you post: lots of, lot of DBSK and JYJ subbed videos. In other words I run a media community with eng subbed goodies, I try to upload as much as I can, meaning at least 5-6 posts every week.
Other interests (can be fandoms or hobbies or anything else): Architecture, Music, Movies and different festivals that help me to practice my skills in photography. I love cooking shows.
What kind of friends are you looking for: Open-minded, understanding. I'm not picky.
Pet peeves: I tend to be very emotional.
Anything else: I'm a landscape architect, very green one but eager to learn more and more.

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