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Why a 25+ meme ?

Being a slightly older kpop and kdrama fan I (and a few others with me) always get a little disappointed by the friending memes.
Lots of 12-17ish year olds.  Nothing wrong with being that age (it's wonderful), but someone 25+ or even 35+ can get a bit
discouraged by it. At least that's how it is for me.
I suspect there might be lots of older fans, like me, who feel like that. If you're 25+ - 35+ you really don't have much in common with a
16 year old.That's a fact. It always keeps me from participating in the memes, thinking what's the use ?I'm thinking there might be more fans out there feeling the same way. So therefore the 25+ cut off. Also since this is a 25+ meme please only participate if you're in fact 25 or older !

Also this meme doesn't have a deadline. No need to comment within the first 5 mins after posting (though you're welcome to do so).
There's time zones and I assume most 25+ y.o. have college,work and families to deal with (that pesky real life !)

Please feel free to come back and check for new comments anytime, or for lazy people (like me :p) track this post for new comments ;)


Date: 2012-05-15 06:24 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] baka-tenshi.livejournal.com
(Nick)name: Lily
Country: United States
Kpop (incl. biases): SNSD, Super Junior, DBSK/JYJ, Big Bang, Rainbow, Kara, Fly to the Sky, SHINEE (because I care about Onew), and others I don't really remember right now.
Kdrama (incl. biases): n/a
What can we find in your LJ (private/fan stuff etc) / how much do you post: Fan stuff, lots of personal stuff, and just random things.
Other interests (can be fandoms or hobbies or anything else):> JPOP, anime, manga, j&k fashion, technology, politics (liberal), lols, sleep, food, baked goods, social justice (although most of the time, I try not to be annoying about it).
What kind of friends are you looking for: People who are generally chill with most things. I'm cool when people are silly (because I am too). I tend to be emotional so I need friends who are patient with me and willing to tell me it's okay and when I'm being dumb, I need someone to call me out on it.
Pet peeves: Being an offensive douche, ~lol troll~, I don't like it when people nitpick things. I try not to do it myself. I don't like people who are arrogant. I don't like people who put others down. I really don't care if you talk shit about other people but there's a line. Also, I hate rape & molestation jokes.
Twitter/Tumblr/FB/etc: http://twitter.com/rainbow_sauce
Anything else: Hopefully, it's okay that I post on this meme even though I'm 24. I'm going to be 25 this year in late August though. I have a young spirit and I've been through a lot of hell in my past. I'm not as experienced in real life experiences just yet so I admit I often act like a 16-year old from time to time. I tend to talk about people from my offline life and online life. I talk about my boyfriend and my emotions a lot. Whenever I read something political, I rage a lot. I try to be respectful to people even though I've had quite the past. I'm a pretty private person so I tend to keep everything to myself unless I feel I could trust people.

Also, enjoy this gif.



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