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Friends Only


Facts and figures, without the figures. aka what can you find in this journal ?

under construction ....

On Friending:

- I will not add you back when you just randomly friend me and I don't know who you are.

- If I don't know you but you'd like to be friends, please leave a comment as to why you'd like to be friends

- Defriend whenever you like. No drama needed. I would rather not be on a Flist of someone who doesn't want me there.

- Also I would like to have friends who aren't teens, cos me? I'm OLD and I can't make sense of teen speak and I don't want to spend my time deciphering a post with 20 abbreviations in it.
*yes I know not all teens write like that. Also if you're not a teen but do write like that please move way from this journal too.

Comments are screend btw :)

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